Example: small plant 75kW

Biogas is storable - and consequently the ideal-balance-energy in the modern power-grid. Why? It`s possible to compensate fluctuations in the production of energy. Thereby the storage of biogas is available as a temporary storage in medium-terms. In addition, the biogas production is usually part of an environmentally and economically useful recovery circuit. Electricity, heat, liquid manure system and bio-methane - biogas has many advantages. Farmers use biogas to supplement the feed of electricity into the public grid and their declining revenues from the food and feed production. Municipalities have the possibility to realize local heating supply concepts and provide its citizens with "green" energy. This leads to a trend, in which case the value of the biogas production remains in the region and create new jobs. The new power grid biogas plays an important role, a balancing power to other renewables: Only biogas is storable and can be converted to electricity on request.

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Why you should go into the biogas production right now? Because a manure-plant ensures a recycling program up to 75 kW and allows higher income – of course 100 percent manure are just as possible! The investment is manageable, automated operation and technically mature, low-maintenance planet- / CSSC- assemblies keep the cost low besides. If you compare the investment, fixed and variable costs as well as the current operating revenue, there remains a return on assets of more than ten percent in most project calculations. In addition, the acceptance of a courtyard on the basis of dung or manure is much more respected from the residents, there is no additional surface pressure.