Sourcing means the procurement strategy of our company, or rather which goods and services are distributed how and to what extent to individual suppliers. The central aim is to ensure the supply of the company. On the other hand there are the associated-costs and an interest according to profitability and sustainability. Specifically, this means: What quantities? What goods? Which degree? At what price? Which suppliers?


Of course our interest is primarily to remain competitive, that means to offer a quality that can not only participate with other products and services, but even exceed those. The management of CSSC Technical Products Ltd. collected decades of experience in Germany, which implies the individual structure levels of a company from manufacturing products, it`s development, marketing, purchasing, investment, accounting, management, to training and opportunities for advancement.


The goals of our company are in line with those of our customers, but also our employees.

We have a clear objective, clearly defined tasks; we have a responsibility.


This is what our slogan stands for: GERMAN QUALITY. GERMAN MANAGEMENT. MADE IN CHINA.