The planned assembly of components and / or assemblies to finished products, we call “Installation”. The essential operation-parts of an assembly process are: adding (e.g.  screwing, plugging, fastening), handling (e.g. bend, grasp), checking (e.g. by measuring), adjust (e.g. setting) or auxiliary operations (e.g. cleaning). In addition to the areas of occupational preparation, parts manufacturing / processing and production-control, “assembly”  forms a part of the production-system. Particularly it appertains to the production-line and is also an important basis for production planning- and control. By analyzing the so-called “primary-assembly-process” (PMV) and the “secondary-assembly- process” (SMV), the efficiency of the assembly as a quantitative assessment feature determines. Our service also includes the assembly and installation for you in China and Asia. We have fixed installation teams with German and European head-technicians.

Whether simple production and installation of stairs with railings, fire escapes, water bridges, fences, bicycle stands, grille, automated vehicular gates, control boxes, whether powder-coated, galvanized or electro-polished, or complex installations, which consist of several sub-sectors, we can meet any challenge.


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Construction of a large-scale workshop for the Swabian family STIHL with 160 locations worldwide, among others in Qingdao.


Apart from our classical prodution we created the so called Exiderdome, a portable steel construction with superimposed storeys, physically looking like containers that are combined to each other, including stairways, windows, partitions, beams, roof tops and many more. This project is made in cooperation with Siemens AG, the famous german manufacturer.


Via the Exiderdome it`s possible to create large public rooms or buildings, emergency shelters, mobile medical units, quarters for catastrophes, mobile military quarters, backpacking motels, exhibition units or road shows. The advantage: it`s build and taken down in 1-2 days each time. Every equipment taht is needed could be installed: electronics, water supply, water treatment, diesel generator sets, sprinkler systems, airconditions and many more. Contact us if you have any ideas or send us your individual conception.

Watch the video on:

© Siemens Industry US

Watch the video on:

© Siemens Industry US


We built and designed the Excalibur for a local company in Qingdao. A caravan-style vehicle, that can be used as a mobile showroom. Pretty much all skills and abilities that can be required from a mechanical engineer, have been used in this prototype. The Excalibur combines a timeless design; elegant and chic, while also sporty and dynamic. It convinces with automobile lines and modern shape. The transitions go smoothly, almost seamlessly, grab handles, window and wing beadings are nicely integrated into the walls. The tinted windows are fitted flush and bow and side windows form an optical unit, giving the product an almost futuristic face together with the curved front section. Inside, high quality materials and sophisticated technology were used. The side walls were coated with aluminum in mini hammer structure and are very easy to care for in addition to the luxurious look. Features include (among others) a space-saving refrigerator, cabinets including glasses sets, a Bow locker and a boot.

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