QUALITy-Management (QM)

As a part of quality management quality assurance includes all organizational and technical measures aimed preparatory, accompanying and testing to create and maintain the defined quality of our products or our services. The quality management system covers all organizational and technical measures aimed at the creation and maintenance of the concept and execution quality. In “quality planning” quality-characteristics and their required and permissible forms for our products and procedures are established.

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The quality of our products and services is crucial to the success of our company in the market.
Ensuring an active quality assurance has many opportunities:

  • It improves the quality of the processes.
  • It minimizes errors.
  • It increases customer satisfaction.

These were reasons enough for us to introduce a quality management system according to certified DIN EN ISO 9001. Responsible for the quality of products are two working levels: the development of products and the subsequent implementation in the production process or in the provision of services.

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We are a SAP-run factory, which includes production, inventory, purchasing and logistics among other things.
We control the process, that means we control costs.
And we are investing daily in efficiency.


We are certified by the German technical association TÜV and the ISO 9001 V2, our factory has skilled welders acc. EN287.


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