Using wire-erosion can independently edit the hardness of all conductive materials. Even with a high material thickness (10-300mm) extremely small cutting widths are possible. As with all other CNC process, we offer you the possibility to leave us your finished drawing, or we customize the design to your single drawing.


The complete work process of the wire erosion takes place under water. The machined contours are sharp and also meet the highest demands in terms of dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy.

The wire EDM (also known as wire cutting, wire erosion, spark erosion cutting or WEDM) is a shaping manufacturing processes (cutting process) of high precision for electrically conductive materials, which works on the principle of spark erosion: 

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A sequence of electric voltage pulses generated sparks, so that material from the workpiece (anode) is transferred to a continuous thin wire (cathode) and in the separating medium, called dielectric. After that the wire is disposed. The accuracy of the method is based on the fact that the spark always jumps to the point where the distance between the workpiece and the wire is minimal.

All advantages at a glance:


• extremely small cutting widths are possible even at great material thickness

• machining of all conductive materials, regardless of hardness

• high dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy

• Manufacturing sharp-edged holes and pockets

• 4 axis programming for 3-D contours