Robot-welding means welding is not performed by one man but by welding-robots. There are different welding methods that can be realized by the robot-welding. The advantages of robotic welding are:  a much better quality of the weld can be generated at any time. The welding parameters can be controlled, changed and logged, if required. The welding work is reproducible. And welding takes place faster.

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The CSSC Technical Products Ltd. uses the OTC FD V6 welding-robot. The Metal-Active-Gas (MAG) - welding is a method for producing high-quality-welds and is regularly used in our welding department. In addition, we rely on the Wolfram-Inert-Gas (WIG) - welding, a welding type that generates little spatter or hazardous pollutants. Here, the welding and the amperage are not coupled to each other. MIG-welding is a process used when generating the very uniform and clean connections.