When stamping flat parts made of different metals are manufactured with a press or “in shock” and a cutting tool. The separation process used in this case is the shearing. Stamping belongs to the non-cutting sheet-metal-forming-processes and is particularly suitable for the production of sheet metal parts that need to be provided with a large number of recurring form elements. In the most common cases the following parts are produced: recesses, gills and beads.

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Stamping can be superior to other separation processes such as laser-cutting, when the material has to be provided with lots of elements that are similar in shape and size. So that we can respond to customer requests quickly and flexibly, we hold hundreds of stamping-tools in different shapes and sizes in our stock. In the most common cases the following forms are used: circular, square or rectangular shapes. For a prototype  of a stamping mold we need roughly 3 weeks.