Cast steel is the starting material for castings made of steel (as opposed to castings of other cast materials and the block and / or continuous casting). When cast steel, the advantageous properties of the material steel and the design advantages of the casting design are combined in the final product (steel casting). Regarding to its mechanical behavior of steel-casting gray and ductile iron is superior in many respects. Steel is particularly used as a material when a strong thermal or chemical resistance or high toughness or strength is in demand. We use components made of steel, especially in mechanical engineering and plant construction. Moreover, steel is easily weldable, can be deformed plastically and produced by special production processes such as finishing operations in a wide variety of materials. As an example may be mentioned stainless steels. Material designations like V2A (1.4301) and V4A (1.4571) are widely used, but only represent an excerpt from the cast steel or cast stainless steel portfolio of CSSC Technical Products Ltd.. The reason for the excellent properties of the steel is to find in the low percentage of carbon of less than 2.06 percent.

Steel castings - Example - Powder coated

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