Only one criterion counts when we speak about surface-processing: flawless work results in every respect. Whether grinding or polishing - with a comprehensive range of power tools and specially compiled professional sets the CSSC Technical Products Ltd. provides the best conditions up to the highest standards in surface treatment. Due to custom work and a lot of sure instinct various blanks and materials are processed. We bring high quality to form the component. In our production fitting, lightweight and dimensional stability counts for an effective customer benefit. The matching finish makes a work-piece perfect. Indeed surface-treatment is primarily a question of functionality and load capacity - but sometimes also a matter of aesthetics. We provide all methods to accomplish metal parts perfectly. These are our specializations in the metalworking and surface treatment:

Das passende Finish macht ein Werkstück erst perfekt. Oberflächenbehandlung ist zwar in erster Linie eine Frage der Funktionalität und Beanspruchbarkeit – aber manchmal auch eine Frage der Ästhetik. Wir bieten Ihnen alle Verfahren, um Metallteile erstklassig zu vollenden.


  • Electro-plating
  • Powder-coating
  • Wet-painting
  • Electro-polishing
  • Sand-blasting
  • Shot-blasting
  • Grinding
  • KTL-coatings
  • div. Hot-dip-galvanizing (for example HT-galvanizing, MicroZINQ 5)
  • Plastic-coatings


Sand casting - Powder coated

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Welded design - Powder coated - KTL coated

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Welded design - Powder coated

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