CSSC Technical Products. Ltd. produces and supplies metal products.


Among german management, a skilled team of European and Chinese specialists works in favour of a quality by german standards: engineers, technicians, mechanics, craftsmen. The team is staffed by 120 professionals.


Beside CAD design our services include prototype development but also assembly-work and of course quality assurance, as well as everything related to safe transport.

What you can expect in a collaboration with the CSSC:

1. An own production in extensive factory-halls in a modern industrial area of Qingdao (5 minutes from the airport). 

2. The provision of a shopping platform with our own construction, research, suitable suppliers and quality control – right up to transport services.

3. Optimal support for all order processings in China through trusted CSSC-assembly groups and technical translators.

 4. We speak our customers' language: English, German, French and - of course – Chinese.



Right at the top of our services, that we discuss in more detail in the below linked themes, there is consulting. For long-term sustainable and fruitful business-relationship belongs trust, that we create by transparency, by letting you know exactly what you are getting into. From the idea and sketch to the complex system-solution, creation and design-development is part of this concept. We help and advice on the cost-optimization through intelligent planning and functional analysis. The selection of a suitable material plays as just an important a role as the forming-process, the design or the laser-compatible design-optimization. The seamless combination of design and manufacture is effective and practicable, while thoughtful implementation is guaranteed without friction-loss. The implementation of your ideas is made by the most modern design and construction software. All major external 2D-and 3D-files can be processed by us. You are always closely involved in the development-process of your products. Customers entrust us with their development tasks as e.g. in the fields of vehicle technology (agricultural machinery, trailers, spare parts, etc.), traffic engineering (railway transport, spatial planning, alignment, planning, etc.), engineering (process engineering, power engineering, supply engineering, production engineering), material handling (platform trucks, cranes, etc.) or furniture design (product design, materials science, lighting design) to the transport logistics.


Our metal-processing-spectrum includes full-automated laser-cutting, the use of combine- technology to stamping, folding, welding, finishing and assembly. In addition, we provide all the finishes including powder coating. Our machine-park with a modern and innovative production is absolutely high-quality and ensures our customers at all times to provide consistent and high-grade-products. The high-tech manufacturing equipment, ERP-process-control and the expertise of our highly-qualified-staff build a more solid foundation for quality, reliability of delivery times and competitive prices. We manufacture all common materials such as normal and stainless steels, aluminum and other nonferrous metals.


Sourcing means the procurement strategy of our company, or rather which goods and services are distributed how and to what extent to individual suppliers. The central aim is to ensure the supply of the company. On the other hand there are the associated-costs and an interest according to profitability and sustainability. Specifically, this means: What quantities? What goods? Which degree? At what price? Which suppliers?


Of course our interest is primarily to remain competitive, that means to offer a quality that can not only participate with other products and services, but even exceed those. The management of CSSC Technical Products Ltd. collected decades of experience in Germany, which implies the individual structure levels of a company from manufacturing products, it`s development, marketing, purchasing, investment, accounting, management, to training and opportunities for advancement. 


The goals of our company are in line with those of our customers, but also our employees. We have a clear objective, clearly defined tasks; we carry responsibility.


This is what our slogan stands for: German quality. German management. Made in China.



While choosing a location, we have set to Qingdao. The former german colony between Beijing and Shanghai, was founded in 1898 by Kaiser Wilhelm II. Underpass his army the railway, the port, roads, water and sewage systems as well as the management were built around the turn of the century. With the german-influenced architecture Qingdao is now one of the most beautiful cities in China. And still today german engineers and professionals enjoy an excellent reputation.


Therefore Qingdao welcomes German investors with open arms. Meanwhile, the city has an international port, motorways and an international airport. For Germany China is the second largest trading partner in Asia, after Japan. On the other hand Germany can be found at the sixth place of the most important foreign trade partner of China. However, it is the largest European partner. In 2008, the sailing competitions of the Olympic Games were held in Qingdao...


The airport operates with 85 domestic- and 19 international routes. It connects Qingdao with Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Frankfurt / Main, all reachable by direct-flight. Aircraft to Shanghai and Beijing operate every half hour. The flight time to Beijing takes about 45 min. And to Shanghai about 55 min. Flight time, for example, to Berlin or Paris: (transit via Beijing or Shanghai) approx. 11 hours.


With its international port, the container-, ore-, coal-, and oil-docks, Qingdao supplies more than 450 ports around the globe with 97 international shipping routes . In 2012, the port went up to number seven in the world with 350 million tons of output. The highway connects Qingdao with Beijing (550km) and Shanghai (600 km).